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Ready to upgrade your look? Here's how it works:

The Process


It is imperative for clients to have a consultation with the artist prior to Microblading procedure.  The 30 minutes consultation will give the artist the opportunity to review the medical history, allergies, risks, complications and any precautionary before and after the procedures.  It also gives the client a chance to ask questions and discuss any concerns with the artist.  If possible, please come to the consultation without any makeup.



The Procedure:

Upon arrival, we will discuss the style, shape, thickness, and color you desire.  Together we choose the method, color and design that will best enhance your feature.  Pre-numbing cream will be applied first and a secondary numbing will be applied after the skin is broken.  Pain during the treatment varies from one individual to another. There can be pain even after the topical anesthetic has been used.  All instruments that enter the skin or come in contact with the body fluids are disposable and disposed of after each use.  Cross-contamination guidelines are strictly adhered to.  The whole procedure usually takes about 2-2.5 hours.

After the procedure, you may love your new temporary brows or you may experience “brow shock”, especially for someone who initially has very thin to no brow hair.  Hence, having a new set of brows can be very difficult to accept and it takes some times for your eyes to like them.  The pigment color will appear very dark and sharp immediately after the procedure but will soften gradually after 5-7 days.  A week later it loses 30-50% of its intensity depending on skin type and lifestyle, color will look a lot softer/lighter as it healed.  The area can get scabby once the skin starts to heal, it will look like dandruff flakes or dry skin.  DO NOT pick your eyebrows even if you think the color is too dark.  DO NOT try to remove it yourself, instead, wait patiently for a few days for the scab/flakes to naturally come off.  PICKING your eyebrows during the healing process can leave scars in the area and also increase the risk of infection.  We advise you to be patient and trust the process and we can make adjustments at your touch-up/perfecting session.  If you feel that you must pencil-in your brows before your touch-up appointment, do so AT LEAST 14 DAYS after the initial procedure.


The Touch-Up (Perfecting Session):

A follow-up session is scheduled to happen between 4 to 8 weeks and no more than 12 weeks after the initial procedure.  At this session, the healed result will be evaluated and all necessary adjustments will also be made.  Adjustments may not be necessary if you have very good healed results or retention at your follow-up session. This session usually takes about 1-1.5 hour.

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